Reading from 2007

Several people whose blogs I read regularly have posted lists of the books they have read during 2007, including links to their reviews or thoughts about these books. So if you are short of ideas for what to read, there is nowhere better to start than these thoughtful, individual guides — untainted by marketing hype or publishing fashion, but what these readers sought out according to their tastes and (in the main) enjoyed:

Reading Matters: 65 books read during 2007 on a wide range of subjects, with links to reviews.

Stephen Lang: books read in 2007, including 49 novels, 9 short stories and one work of non-fiction (yes, it’s Richard Dawkins!).

Magnificent Octopus on some bests and worsts of 2007.

John Self’s Asylum: not one composite post, but just go there and keep scrolling down — every post is a jewel of a review.

And at the Book Depository blog, Mark Thwaite rounds up various "book of the year" posts and articles from the blogosphere and the media, including dovegreyreader (fiction and non-fiction) and the Guardian readers’ choices.

6 thoughts on “Reading from 2007

  1. I’m finding that I choose most of the books I read from recommendations such as these…the best way to choose what to read next, I find.

  2. Happy new year to you, too, Stephen.
    Yes, Clare, I agree — I’ve read far more books I’ve enjoyed from authors new to me via personal recommendation of people who share/know my taste, rather than via the “newly published” selection chosen by bookshops.

  3. Hi Maxine,
    Happy new year! Glad my round-up over on The Book Depository was useful to you — thanks for linking to it.
    My new year to-be-read pile is already groaning from all the great recommendations I’ve picked up from the end of year lists. I could do with nobody publishing anything for the next few years to give me half a chance to keep up!
    all best

  4. Happy new year to you, too, Mark.
    I have been using the Christmas break to catch up a bit and reduce the size of that pile, but back to work tomorrow, after which time it will just keep on growing….

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