Buy, give and read a book this Jan

Via the deblog, it seems that January is the "semi parodic" (in the words of its creator, Foma) NaJuReMoNoNo month. The "semi parody" is of national novel writing month (November), or NaNoWriMo as it is acronymically known. Foma designates January as "national just read more novels month". Luckily the challenge is not too arduous, as one has to read only one novel during the month of January to qualify. Even so, I think January is the wrong month to choose for various reasons:

  • December is the month when people have time off work in order to read novels (I’ve read 5 in the past 5 days, for example, compared with only 1 in the whole week before the Christmas break).
  • Everyone has made resolutions in January so they are busy fulfilling all those "work harder, study harder, get more exercise" promises that by February will have fallen away.
  • Nobody has any money in January to buy books because they’ve spent it all on Christmas presents or in the sales.

Whether or not you want to join in the January reading challenge, Debra (deblog suprema) reminds us that the quarterly "buy a friend a book week" (BAFABW) is next up FIRST OF JANUARY. The synergies are obvious…. but please stick to buying, giving and reading a book rather than getting into any NaJuReBAFABMoNoWMo-style monikers.

4 thoughts on “Buy, give and read a book this Jan

  1. You’ve read five novels in the last five days?! I stand (well, sit) amazed. I didn’t even manage to post for the Salon yesterday, though I did read a little bit.
    Anyway, happy new year! I guess you’re already there….

  2. Happy new year to you, too, Debra! I actually made it to midnight last night for the first time in years.
    The books were all pretty gripping. I like to seize the opportunity to reduce the groaning heaps…..

  3. I made it, too, but I was very tired. Girls were up, but Mel cried, probably from tiredness. It’s rare that one or both of them doesn’t cry on New Year’s Eve. It’s our tradition.

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