Reading John Malkovich

From an interview with John Malkovich, 54, in today’s (29 December) Times magazine (not online):

"The community in which I grew up was not the most obviously cultivated or stimulating, but what my father and mother instilled in me was the belief that people are interesting no matter where you find yourself, and in Benton, Illinois, no less so than anywhere else. My parents shared a great curiosity about the world around them and were avid readers. That love of books is something else that was passed on to me and, in childhood, I spent much of my time in the local library, learning about places and things that lay beyond our city limits. A degree of intellectual restlessness established in me by them all those years ago continues to motivate me to this day."

The Times points to a website with "details of John Malkovich’s online script project as well as other content reflecting Malkovich’s life and interests."