Holiday quiz for the idle

Here are some questions of interest (to me, at least) that have been asked and answered in the blogosphere this holiday season. The answers may not be right, but they will save you the bother of dreaming up your own, and may generate a smile, or disagreement, or both.

Who will win next year’s Oscar for best actress and actor? (See Guardian blog for an answer (actress) and the Guardian again for actor.)

What do I do when friends ask me to read their manuscripts, and I hate what they’ve written? (See Dr Sue at Buzz, Balls and Hype for an answer.)

What does Nature consider to be the greatest hits of science it has published? (See Nobel Intent for answer, or go direct to Nature’s "history of the journal" website.)

Why does nobody comment at Google news? (John Battelle’s Searchblog has the answer.)

What is the most inane book jacket design? (Light Reading has an answer that will be hard to beat.)

What are the ten worst jobs ever? (Female Science Professor lists hers here — and what’s more, she’s done them all.)

Who was crime fiction’s greatest polymath? (Answer to include: author, critic, anthologist, social historian, journalist, poet and biographer.) Check out Martin Edwards, who has the answer at his blog "Do you write under your own name?".

Have a lovely time reading the answers! I did. The blogosphere is such a sociable place.