What’s right for booksellers

Martyn Daniels, author of the UK Bookseller Association’s report Brave New World, posts here: Brave New World: Reviewing Our Predictions For 2007. What did the report get right and what wrong? Check out the link. Among the "right":

  • The start of real POD services based not on short print runs but distributed printing at affordable prices. POD still moving at pace and people now looking to distribute to print rather than print and distribute. Foyles looked at the Espresso machine. Right
  • Increased importance of Internet sales, emarketing and community engagement and participation. The Internet is clearly here and becoming pervasive in all markets. For the bookstores it is now a must do. Right

Yes, two definite "rights", I’d agree. Next for Martyn and co is to make their predictions for 2008. I’m watching.