Euro Crime’s Scandinavian lists

The title of Karen’s recent post at Euro Crime blog speaks for itself: Scandinavian Crime/Mystery novels coming out in 2008. In her post, Karen provides links to two Amazon lists, one UK and one US, as some of the books are coming out at different times in the two regions — lists that I have eagerly checked out.

As well as the first novel of the "millennium" trilogy by Stieg Larrson, noted by Karen as having already generated quite a buzz before its January release by the new MacLehose Press, there are some tremendously exciting delights in store: new books by Asa Larsson (whose Sun Storm was wonderful – my review is awaiting publication); Karin Fossum (I’ve read two excellent books by her in 2007, Calling Out For You and Black Seconds, review awaiting publication); Jo Nesbo (author of Redbreast – not yet read — and The Devil’s Star – read but apparently not reviewed); Harkan Nessar (this year I have read his excellent Borkmann’s Point and his not quite so good follow-up, The Return (review not yet published); Henning Mankell (stories); and almost Arnaldur Indridason — his next title has been put back to 2009 as his translator, Bernard Scudder, has sadly died recently. I adored Voices and The Draining Lake (review not yet published) in 2007.

There are a few other authors new to me on the list: if their novels are up to the standards of the other authors Karen has included, then 2008 is definitely looking very good indeed. And that’s just a few of the excellent Scandinavians. No doubt there are similar delights in store from the Italians, French, and all points East and West.

J K Rowling podcast at Leaky Lounge

In a serendipitous Harry Potter-themed post to follow from my last, Leaky Lounge is featuring a Christmas Harry Potter podcast, first of two parts published today. The Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet have long been J. K. Rowling’s favourite Harry Potter sites, and she’s shown her appreciation several times in the past. From the Leaky Cauldron’s announcement about the new podcast:

"It is the first in-depth fan interview since the interview we did in 2005, and Jo’s repartee was everything we knew it would be: informative, warm, funny and chock-full of canon revelations as well as statements about the writing and publishing of the series. We had such a great time recording with her and hope that you all enjoy the output!" There will be a transcript published soon afterwards

The interview was conducted just after the sale of J. K.’s handwritten book "The Tales of Beedle the Bard", so contains discussion of that topic as well as plenty of debate about horcruxes, homosexuality, Neville’s role, whether "the trio" graduated from Hogwarts, how Dumbledore found out what happened in Godric’s Hollow, and lots of other delightful detail. Check it out at this link.