An Eyeless Depostion?

Without wishing to get too nested, Meg Gardiner of crime fiction fame and Lying for a Living blog highlights an article in Vanity Fair by Christopher Hitchins:

"Asked how Robert Ludlum might have titled a Shakespeare play, Salman Rushdie came up with The Elsinore Vacillation, The Rialto Sanction, The Dunsinane Reforestation, and The Kerchief Implication, before we made him stop."

I wish I could do this kind of thing, but I lack the imagination. The Island Juxtaposition? The Hunchback Machination?

Crime Scraps challenge

CRIME SCRAPS: QUIRKY QUIZ: THE EXAMINATION  is a pretty tough quiz. Not for Uriah are the simple one-question "norms" of the blogosphere: here we have a Baker’s dozen of mini-conundrums, with an Italian accent. I only know three of the answers without doing some research. Luckily, we have until 1 January to submit our answer, so put that in your Christmas pudding and pull out a plum. (If you would like to know more details of the "plum", or prize, please see here.)