Vicarious quiz night

Cathy and her friends have gone to their school’s quiz night, for a laugh. The phone has rung several times this evening concerning a "famous movies" question – a set of pictures, with the task "name the film".

Q Mum, what’s Robert Redford’s most famous film?

A The Great Gatsby?

Q No, don’t think it’s that. Any others?

A Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

Q No, it is after they invented phones….he’s got a phone in his hand and a suit.

A [Thinks, obvious, why didn’t she say?] The Sting.

We have also been questioned on: "number 13 and 14 winning a race" [Chariots of Fire]; Clint Eastwood looking young in army uniform [Where Eagles Dare]; "man in moustache with a plastic arm" [Dr Strangelove]; some famous old actor next to a car……very famous…..think his name is James someone [Rebel Without a Cause]; and Tom Cruise with long hair and a moustache [Born on the 4th of July – which I haven’t seen, but have seen the publicity shots].

There were quite a few more in this ilk but these are the highlights. I don’t know yet how I did but having "old" (my era) movies described by a gaggle of uncomprehending sixteen year olds was probably better than actually being there.