Science and Paris Hilton (not)

Brian Clegg, on his Nature Network blog PopSci, wrote a couple of weeks ago about the popularity of books by and about celebrities, compared with the relative unpopularity of books about science. Or, as he puts it, "I don’t see much science up the front of the bookstores on the “new and exciting things” shelves. I’m much more likely to find a cookbook or a celebrity biography." He therefore started a website called Popular Science:

Whisper it: science can be dull. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Celebrate the best that science writing has to offer on a site totally dedicated to popular science books and authors. This is primarily a book review site, but we also cover software, DVDs and gifts with a science flavour.

There’s a lot there: mainly, I guess for most visitors, you can see lots of books and read reviews, author biographies and interviews. But there is a lot more: details of scientists who give talks about popular science at schools; about interactive CD-ROMs, DVDs and other software that make science come alive; news (e-newsletter or RSS available); gifts; recommendations of accessible science books by the great names of science; links to reliable science information, and much more. Take a minute, take a look — it might even be as interesting as celebrity spotting ;-).

Take off your running shoes

Via Jenny Davidson of Light Reading, I read that Dina Rabinovitch has died. The last post Dina wrote on her blog was entitled Things you don’t predict…..

You can go to Dina’s Justgiving page here, and donate to the fund for the expansion of a cancer research team at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, and/or buy a copy of her book Take off your party dress, proceeds to the appeal. Dina has raised £73,632 of a target £100,000.

My sympathies to Dina’s family and friends at this sad time.