TSS: next day

A lot happened after I signed off last night — courtesy of the time difference. The Sunday Salon now has 12 members – some of these came via a Facebook group set up by Hsien-Hsien Lei . If you are a Facebook person, please do join our group there, and of course, anyone who is interested in spending a Sunday (or part of one) reading and having an online conversation while doing so is very welcome to join us via the Sunday Salon page at the link in the first sentence. By going to that page, you can see the books that were read by bloggers on the first Sunday.

Sundays with Vlad, The Invisible Enemy, Rage, The Tin Woodman of Oz, and Osman’s Dream: A History of the Ottoman Empire are all titles that were read yesterday. You can read the entries via the Sunday Salon’s RSS feed, Twitter or e-mail, all via the main Sunday Salon page here.

A big thank you to Debra (the deblog) and Clare (Keeper of the Snails) for setting it all up. I’m already looking forward to next week.

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  1. Really enjoyed catching up with your ‘take’ just now and love your thumb nail critiques. This is going to be good…

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