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Future Nobel Laureate Chris Anderson (I predict he will win a few years after Tim Berners Lee) writes here: The Long Tail: A free chapter of a book (and a clever marketing strategy) about a new book called Blogging Heroes: Interviews with 30 of the world’s top bloggers by Michael Banks. (Link goes to US Amazon.)

Chris, who of course is one of the interviewed bloggers as well as being rather a fan of zero-rated products, is rather taken with Wiley’s marketing strategy of allowing the subjects to give away a PDF of their chapter. (So you can get Chris’s chapter at the Long Tail link provided here.)

I, on the other hand, am more interested in knowing the identities of the other 29 top bloggers, and if I have either heard of any of them or like their blogs. From the 10 mentioned on Amazon, apart from Chris, I’ve heard of Robert Scoble and Mark Frauenfelder (Boing Boing). I have also heard of the blogs engadget, techcrunch and lifehacker, but not their bloggers’ names. Nothing very book-related that I can see, but maybe they are among the other 20 bloggers.

From the Amazon listing (from which you can find lots of links to related material should you care to look): "This exciting book features interviews and conversations with 30 of the most experienced bloggers and offers unprecedented advice on how to start and maintain a blog, attract and measure audiences, and profit from blogs. Readers can then visit each blog to see how the advice and methodology from each blogger is implemented and successfully put into action.

  • The featured bloggers are the top in their respective fields and they share the single most-important element to their success, in addition to tips on selecting topics, researching, writing, dealing with problems and "lurkers," and more
  • Reveals techniques for publicizing blogs (online and off), using blogs for marketing, and getting others to participate."
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    1. Thanks, Dave — I knew it would be somewhere! Of the rest, I know Steve Rubel/Micropersuasion; I’ve recently started following the “all about microsoft” blog, and I know of Postsecret but not the name of the blogger.
      All in all, somewhat of a web/tech oriented list, I would say.
      I am surprised they missed out John Battelle (“king of search”) and Darren Rowse (Problogger) – both very popular and successful blogs.
      But, basically, most of these blogs don’t interest me as they are too technical-specialist, or they post too often so you can’t keep up (Boing Boing being a case in point).

    2. Some bloggers have actually given away whole books for free at their websites (I’m among them) so one chapter doesn’t overwhelm me – though I suppose the publishers would like to recoup their costs, so perhaps it is a bit surprising.

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