TSS week 1 post 2: so why?

Sunday_salon_4 So why am I enjoying Accident Man? Although the opening is pretty cliched, the writing is good and the story soon kicks in.

The first big event is that car crash – my aversion to reading about this topic is dealt with effectively in two ways: first, events are described sparely, quickly and are soon over; and second, they are told from a unique perspective — that of the [would-be?] assassin[s?]. So where the real world has been and is focused on whether or not the crash was an accident, the book’s premise is to treat the reader as an insider, assume it was not, and then depict events immediately after the event from the perspective of the [?] killer[s?] — who do not know who was in the car, so the author provides some nice touches: the attempted escape by the perpetrators in parallel with their realisation of what they [may have] done.