TSS week 1 post 5: a let-down

Sunday_salon_7It wasn’t good for much longer. The hero gets to London and confronts the various employers, eventually sorting out who ordered what and why. But then he decides to return to Switzerland to rescue his partner, who has been kidnapped by the rival assassins. Or is this the case? Unfortunately, the last few chapters of the book are taken up with sub-James Bond scenes of torture, Blofield-like villains, explosions and more torture.
Verdict: in the end, disappointing but it was a mildly diverting experience. If you are keen to read a conspiracy/adventure/political thriller, in my opinion you’d be better off reading Peter Temple’s In the Evil Day , which is excellent — or for something less contemporary, John Le Carre’s The Little Drummer Girl, which today seems remarkably prescient (it was considered too far-fetched to be realistic at the time. Ha!).

The books are on the shelves, the school bag is packed: but next week’s groceries are yet to be ordered and the evening meal is yet to be cooked. I may be back later.