TSS week 1 post 4: bookshelves

Sunday_salon_6 The Russians have kidnapped the "girl" and the hero is trapped on a boat with two companions, one of whom he thinks betrayed him. He’s on the boat because even though it is going in the wrong direction, he thinks it will lead him to information that will enable him to find out where the "girl" is and hence how he can rescue her. I have now got to fill out some bookshelves. I say "got" because part of our furniture moving today involves moving some bookshelves from upstairs to downstairs. Hence, I can put "downstairs" books into these shelves, selected from many of the tottering piles to be found everywhere in the house. If I don’t do it, someone else will. So the "girl" and the guy will have to wait for now, on their respective cliffhangers.

In the meantime, I enjoyed reading a review of Osman’s Dream: The History of the Ottoman Empire by Caroline Finkel, by fellow-Salonist Bill Parsons of BillBlogX. What’s more, from his blog, he looks like the kind of person who might know some things about Titus, Berenice, Vespasian et al., people in whom Jenny has considerable interest right now owing to her having read all 14 (15? 16?) of Caroline Lawrence’s Roman Mysteries stories in the space of about a week. Jenny, by the way, is writing her own Roman Mystery for her school reading journal. It is a great story, though I say it myself and she’s only written the first couple of chapters. It is lovely how she’s got the culture and social mores of the day interwoven with the mystery element.