TSS week 1 post 1: derailed

Sunday_salon_3 I thought I had the perfect solution to how I could contribute to my first Sunday Salon. Unlike many other bloggers, I’ve noticed, I seem to have little ability to ringfence my blogging time from work (in the week) and domestic duties (at the weekends). Most of my Sundays are spent catching up on keeping the household minutiae that crop up and build up in the week from becoming an unstoppable tide. How, therefore (even with the help of the extra hour due to the ending of British Summer Time), could I hope to contribute to a whole day of reading and blogging about it?

Karen of Euro Crime, the generous source of about 60 per cent of my total reading material these days, came to my rescue in mid-week. Her latest parcel of goodies contained not only a book that I’m keen to read but three small novellas. Perfect, I thought, I can whizz through those on Sunday in between doing the ironing, clearing out Jenny’s room in preparation for a long-awaited makeover, and assisting with the parts of the half-term homework that are so dire they have been left till the last day, and write the odd paragraph or two about them while I am at it — and my duty will be done.

But I’ve been derailed by Accident Man, a book by the pseudonymous Tom Cain. I didn’t know/had forgotten what this book was going to be about when I picked it up the other day, after finishing my previous assignment for Euro Crime, but I could see from the cover that I was going to hate it, for two reasons: one, it was clearly going to be one of those "granite-faced assassin" thrillers, with toffee-nosed foreign-office bosses, evil Russians on motorbikes, lovingly described machine-gun makes, triple crosses, etc; and second, it is that book  — yes, the one about Princess Diana and how she really died in that car crash, a topic about which I am totally allergic. So, I thought, fine, I’ll read the first 50 or 100 to do it justice, but by then I’ll be hating it so much I can drop it by Saturday, just in time to start the three novellas on Sunday morning.

But, darn it, I’m hooked! More later!

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