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Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog – books: My top blogging writers.

Maxim Jakubowski identifies (link above) the writers’ blogs he follows "religiously": Neil Gaiman, Belle de Jour (two obvious choices, not my cup of tea), Marie Phillips, Meg Gardiner (must try, didn’t know she blogs), John Connelly (also highly recommended by Crime Always Pays, so worth a look– though I loved his first two or three, have not enjoyed his last few books) and a couple of others (links at the post above).

So, which writers’ blogs do I follow? Not many, truth be told. I’ve looked at quite a few writers’ blogs but they don’t sustain my interest because they tend to be too self-regarding where their own books are concerned. Most of my favourites are readers’ blogs, because they aren’t trying to "push" anything. But one or two writers have blogs that I really like — I’ve already mentioned Crime Always Pays (Declan Burke), to which I add Michael Walters, Susan Hill, Clare Dudman, Prairie Mary, Brian Sibley, Debi Alper, Henry Gee, Bill Liversidge. These are all blogs that I very much look forward to reading every night  or every other night. Why is this? Well, they are not primarily to promote their books, or if they are, they do so in such an amusing and individual style that you don’t mind or feel pressured. I like them because they are written by such sparkling, interesting people who have stimulating things to say and can put those things well. The fact that they are authors of books is, or can be, incidental.  Have I missed any? (No self-nominations, please 😉 .)

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  1. One must remember that some authors’ blogs are for insiders in the business and thus of little interest to outsiders. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. I would not expect an insider’s view of my own profession to be of especial interest to anyone not in the business.
    I read some of the blogs you mention, and they’re about more than the writers’ own work or the business and angst of being a writer. Michael Walters will give you interesting news about Mongolia. Declan Burke will give you a laugh plus news about lots of Irish writers. His and Walters’ professions are incidental to the success of their blogs.
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  2. :-> This is me, trying to look modest and self-deprecating!
    I think I can say, without fear of contardiction that EVERYONE — or at least everyone listed in this particular blog post! — think your blog is TOPS! 😉

  3. Thanks, everyone, and very glad to see you here, Brian — from which I hope and assume your angioplasty is over and has not had any effect on your stellar trajectory. (That is a very tempting pic of NL, or as I suppose we must learn to call it, TGC, on your blog — looking forwards to it!)

  4. Oh bless your heart, Maxine. I’ve been so busy lately that my blogging time has had to be strictly and hideously limited, so I’ve only just seen this.
    Thanks a million – as always.

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