Euro Crime on The Big O and others

Euro Crime‘s reviews of the week are up, including one of Declan Burke’s The Big O, which "gets its second rave review on Euro Crime, this time from fellow Euro Crime reviewer Maxine Clarke".

The Big O qualifies for the Spinetingler Awards section for up-and-coming talent – so, should you read it and be as impressed as I was, I encourage you to recommend it for the shortlist.

Also on Euro Crime this week, you can read Karen Meek (Euro Crime personified) on three novellas in the Crime Express imprint: ‘Trouble in Mind by John Harvey, ‘Claws’ by Stephen Booth and ‘The Mentalist’ by Rod Duncan; my review of the next in the sublime Montalbano series by Andrea Camilleri, The Snack Thief (My review of The Terracotta Dog ran last week); Sunnie Gill on the twentieth and latest Superintendent Mike Yeadings book, The Edge by Clare Curzon, and Terry Halligan on the disappointing Paul D Gilbert’s The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes. Last week also saw my review of The Man Who Went Up in Smoke, the second outing of the fantastic Martin Beck series by Maj Sjowell and Per Wahloo. The future release pages on Euro Crime have also been updated, so if the reviews linked here aren’t enough, check them out for other crime jewels in store.

Google reader displaying code

For a few days now, Google Reader is displaying the html version of posts in some, but not all, blogs. As usual, Google’s help function is worse than useless, in that you can neither report a problem such as this directly, nor get auto-help (search terms not recognised, as is par for the course), nor find out if other users are experiencing the same glitch via the Google Reader help group. (A Google help group is where lots of frustrated users scream at Google, each other and the universe, with the occasional helpful 12-year-old geek putting in an answer while Google itself remains resolutely silent.)

I do like Google, when it works. When it doesn’t….

In the meantime, until this problem rights itself or I switch back to Bloglines, does anyone have any advice? I can find no pattern as to why certain blogs are displaying html codes and others aren’t. It seems to be platform-independent.