The Fortune Cookie Genome

Link: Public Rambling: The Fortune Cookie Genome.

This is an interesting little scenario about the genetic future from Pedro Belatro, a bioinformatician.

"Today is the day I get the sequencing results back. It is going be interesting to have finally a glimpse of my very own genome. At the same time I am afraid of the potential disease associations they might find in there. In any case I rather know it with time to do something about it. Thats it … I exhale and open the main door to the building walking up the desk.

– Hi. I have an appointment with my genetic adviser.
– Oh yes, go up to the 3rd floor, they are expecting you.

I walk up a DNA shaped stairway and walk into the office of one of the attending specialists. He was the one convincing me of how useful it would be to purchase the GenomeSurvey(TM) package." …..

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