Out of body experience

Can you inagine reading along quite happily about Jack Reacher’s latest stakeout, when suddenly John Rebus lurches into the store for an IrnBru and chip butties, hence stumbling across the stick-up and shooting the would-be perpetrator, catching Jack wth a stray bullet in the process? Far-fetched? Well, just read this: Crime Always Pays: “Cop That!” Cop Tops Copper In Plod-Popping Plot!. (My response to Brian McGilloway: OK, OK, anything you like, kill him off if you have to, but don’t stop writing.)

This is a post from a charmer of a blog that describes itself "thusly": Down those mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean but is in fact quite happy to share the latest news, reviews, gossip and slander about the dicks, dames and desperados of (mostly) Irish crime fiction, non-fiction and movies on the basis that it provides an investment-lite platform for giving his paltry two novels some much undeserved interweb publicity. We thank you for your cooperation.