Dr Watson isn’t coming to town

Link: The Great Beyond: Inside the mind of ‘Honest Jim’ Watson.

Above is a round tour of links and a summary of the state of play in the Jim Watson story — what he said, what he was reported as saying (not by any means necessarily the same thing), who has cancelled what, and his apology. You can also (at the link at the top of this post) find a link to Scientific American‘s list of Jim Watson’s Greatest Hits (of faux pas, that is) — it is not unheard of for Dr Watson to make unforced errors (which isn’t to say that he did so on this occasion: glossy magazine interviews are not renowned as cornerstones of reliability).

I’m always fascinated by how these kinds of story (or any kind of story) gets reported initially. Here is the Great Beyond (Nature‘s news blog) first reporting the story; here is Matt Brown, Editor of Nature Network London, on the same story; but here is a far less measured take, on Nature Neuroscience‘s Action Potential blog, with the title "He said what??".