Marketing strategy of the year

Ahalflifefrontcover If you have any interest at all in marketing your (or a) book, please read this: View From The Pundy House: Squeaky Bottom Time. There is absolutely no more to be said on the topic of how to make a million from your novel.

You can purchase this book hot from the blog or, er, via the "helpful" Amazon link provided there.

My copy arrived today, and I’m so much looking forward to reading it that it is going to leap over the other 347 books in my patiently waiting pile, and be read next. Move over Anne Enright, a publishing revolution has been not only born, but has hit the mean streets of the electronic superhighway. What more can I say, apart from queue up for your copy? These first editions are going to be worth their weight in something, in a few years’ time.

Google Earth marries You Tube


‘Google has combined YouTube with Google Earth for the first time, allowing Google Earth users to watch videos of the places they are viewing in a new layer. YouTube videos will be contextually linked to locations, so users zooming in on cities and landmarks will be able to view clips taken of that area or nearby.

"Our vision here is all about the sense of place. Photos show the local view, but videos add the sense of life," said Michael Jones, Google Earth chief technologist. "The combination of Earth’s ‘where’ with YouTube’s ‘what’ makes the combined experience that much more complete and compelling." ‘