Carnival of the Criminal Minds

At this link: when is it happening? « Carnival of the Criminal Minds is the schedule for blogs hosting the crime-fiction carnival devised by Barbara Fister. There are several of my favourite crime-fic blogs on the timetable, notably Material Witness, Crime Always Pays and Detectives Beyond Borders (see link above for dates when they are hosting the carnival). Nobody asked me to take a turn, so maybe you have to volunteer or maybe you have to achieve some kind of "crime fiction accreditation" and you get invited. I don’t know.

I came across the term "blog carnival" very early on in my blogging experiences, even before Petrona was born. I went to Wikipedia but their entry on blogging didn’t say what one was. So, having read about Wikipedia’s group editing function, and knowing that items about the internet are the most intensively read and "entered" there, I put in a question to ask them to define a carnival. Next time I returned to Wikipedia, there it was. (But, of course, correlation does not imply causation.)

Not that I’m much the wiser. A carnival seems to be a timed relay race, in which the blog holding the baton features a post with lots of links in it, usually donated by readers. Why that blog post with those links is any different from any other blog post containing links escapes me, given that the rules say "it’s up to the hosts to decide which posts they want to highlight and whether they want to highlight a particular theme." However, I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading the posts (and the links) as the blogs concerned are mostly in my RSS reader so I’ll bump into them in due course.

Currently, the carnival of crime is at AustCrime, and will head off on Monday to the Rap Sheet.

4 thoughts on “Carnival of the Criminal Minds

  1. Hi Maxine – there’s definitely nothing tricky about getting a spot on the Carnival – I just volunteered – Barbara raised the idea a while ago on Crimespace and we all just sort of lined up from there. If you want to get in touch with Barbara directly go ahead – or drop me a line over at my site and I’ll mention your interest to Barbara for you (sorry – I should have raised you as a potential contributor but there are days when I can’t think my way out of a paper bag 🙂 )

  2. Thanks for the advice, Karen, much appreciated! I haven’t ever gone back to Crimespace after initially joining it as it wasn’t quite my scene, so I’ve obviously been missing out!
    I am still not quite sure how these posts are all going to link together — time will tell if they will all be archived on the blog Barbara set up for the carnival.

  3. The will be connected via Barbara’s archive site Maxine – it’s a sort of a loose connection via that location, other than that the rest of us will point to each other’s posts as they show up to keep the “connection” going.
    We’re also using technorati style tags so anybody’s blogs who “ping” technorati will also update the search page there:

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