A Nobel postscript

I wasn’t intending to post about Nobels for literature, economics or peace, but somebody I have heard of, and even read, has won the Nobel prize for literature. That’s a good thing — what’s the point of literature if nobody reads it or has heard of who has written it? (I write "good thing" even though the winner isn’t J. K. Rowling, but her turn should come).

And, as widely predicted, Al Gore takes the peace prize, but shares it with IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change). Or, as Piers Foster aptly puts it: "one man and his PowerPoint show has as much influence as the decades of dedicated work by so many scientists."

I posted on Peer to Peer about yesterday’s ruling that the aforementioned ppt show is broadly correct, so can be shown in UK school science lessons so long as nine deviations from the scientific consensus (aka the aforementioned IPCC) are pointed out to the students. From that post, those interested in the truth amid the nasty world of climate change politics can follow links to find out more — in particular this one at the Royal Society website.

Nothing to say on economics. (I don’t know who won that or even if it has been announced yet.)