Nobel for physiology or medicine

The Niche: Nobel prize recipient needed embryonic stem cells to make knockout mice.

The Nobel prize has been awarded to three scientists who created the techniques for “knockout mice”, Sir Martin Evans at Cardiff University, Oliver Smithies, from the University of North Carolina, and Mario Capecchi, from the University of Utah for "principles for introducing specific gene modifications in mice by the use of embryonic stem cells".

Here is the take from The Great Beyond, the recently relaunched Nature newsblog – with links to an essay by one of the recipients, on receiving the Laskar award for the same discovery back in 2001. And here is the Nobel press release.

What did you watch?

I can’t resist this, sorry. From The Guardian blog: "Robin, Bruce, Betty, Henry and Noel – it was a big weekend for TV. The autumn TV schedules kicked in at the weekend. What did you watch?"

NOTHING! I read a good book instead.

However, certain others at Petrona towers can attest to enjoying Robin Hood, the Tudors and Ugly Betty, and a certain other can attest to enjoying the rugby 😉

Scandinavian crime fiction

The fall issue of Mystery Readers Journal contains many interesting articles on the subject of Scandinavian books, but readers of Petrona will join me in congratulating Peter Rozovsky for his essay Dry Humor in a Cold Climate. Peter shows us, using plenty of examples, that the "inextricable mix of something funny with something grim is the salient characteristic of humor in Nordic crime fiction." Peter also draws our attention to the sad fact that plenty of our favourite authors have only a few of their books translated into English. If you haven’t met Peter before, please check out his erudite and stimulating blog, Detectives Beyond Borders.

There are lots of other articles on Scandinavian crime in the journal, but only a few are freely accessible. I am particularly disappointed not to be able to read an essay entitled: "Sweden’s Queen of Crime: Liza Marklund’s novels" by Jost Hindersmann. I adore Liza Marklund’s books. It is always a delightfully impossible task, trying to narrow down the cornucopia to identify one’s very favourite crime fic author, but there is never any doubt that the peerless Liza M is very much in the top few of Petrona’s list.