Karin Fossum and Michael Walters

My review of Karin Fossum’s textbook on atmosphere, Calling out for You, is up on Euro Crime. Anyone who thinks that a book needs special effects, explosions, loads of bodies and violence to be compelling can read this one for a demonstration of the falseness of this premise. You can read another review of the same book, by Karen Meek, here.

Also on Euro Crime this week is my review of Michael Walters’ The Adversary — a fantastic second outing for Mongolian crime investigators Nergui and Doripalam. I highly recommend this book. As well as writing books, Michael Walters is a lively blogger: check out his writings here. The Adversary has been deservedly well-received elsewhere, so recent posts include links to reviews at The Guardian and the Tangled Web.

Other new reviews at Euro Crime this week include Declan Burke on The Bloomsbury Dead by Adrian McKinty; Laura Root on The Fabric of Sin by Phil Rickman; and Terry Halligan on Mister Jacks by Tom Wilson. There is also a new competition to check out.