Open House: science highlights

Here is a link to a lovely post by Matt Brown, Editor of the London branch of Nature Network:  Open House: science highlights – News Article on Nature Network London. Matt writes: "In September each year, hundreds of London’s buildings open to the public for just a few days. Open House weekend is an unmissable opportunity to poke around in all kinds of places that are usually off-limits. Of the 600 participating venues this year, around 25 have scientific or medical links." Matt follows with a great pictorial, linked essay about those scientific related venues. Even if you can’t make it to London (UK) this weekend, his post is well worth reading for the beautiful scientific hidden jewels contained within.

While on the topic of London, although I am at this particular place every day, I missed this lovely example of humanity in a pressure-cooker world, namely the Kings Cross tube station. Thanks for doing the impossible, Annie Mole, and making me smile at a thought connected with that place of doom.