Where did you spend your holidays?

Most Chinese children spent vacation online, according to a Reuters story. "The vast majority of Chinese schoolchildren chose to stay home and surf the Internet during the summer holidays rather than play outside, state media said on Tuesday, citing a survey. The poll of 103 children aged 4 to 14 found that just 4 percent chose to do outdoor activities during the holidays and only 9 percent took part in summer educational camps."

Maybe they will end up like the 17-year-old straight-A student who could not remember how to address the envelope when she wanted to apply to college.

I am sure we’ve all read the general scaremongering about a generation of obese children who spend all their time online instead of playing sports, etc. I think this is less of a worry these days than it was 15 years ago, when most kids were, if one believed the media, lolling about watching TV all day munching their way through packet after packet of salt-laden crisps. At least online activities require use of the hands on a keyboard or console, leaving little opportunity for sustenance of a nutritional kind.


Google Reader now searchable


Official Google Reader Blog: "We found it!". Yes, the company that is all about search has finally put a search function on their RSS reader (see above) so that you can, as they put it, "find that apricot recipe you came across a few months ago and have a craving for". You can, if you like, search by keywords as well as full-text, and if you subscribe to anyone else’s "Shared items" (here are mine— a collection of posts that I’ve enjoyed reading and might blog about in about 2160 — if you can’t wait that long, feel free to subscribe) you can search those too.

If you are not an RSS person, this feature might be the "straw" that breaks the back of your resistance. To get started, go here. If you are unfamiliar with RSS and its undoubted benefits and ease of use, I’m happy to advise if you want to drop a comment to this post (very low-level advice only, I’m afraid, as I am by no means a programmer).