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My friend James Long sent me this link: BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Agatha Christie Comic Strip. As the BBC says, "Agatha Christie’s crime novels, already immortalised on television, on film, on stage and in audio books, have been adapted as comic strip editions." The idea is to make the books appeal to "new and younger" readers.

There’s a longer article about the project here. It seems to be a combination of cosiness and period detail that is the appeal to the publisher to use the comic book format in this case. "We like harmony and shape, and that’s what a good crime novel gives you – a lovely story arc with a beginning, middle and end – and a morally acceptable outcome, which a lot of post-modern literature will not give you. It can also give you humour, absolute horror, romance, a puzzle. Crime fiction is only going to get bigger."

4 thoughts on “Agatha Christie comic strip

  1. As a big fan of Agatha Christie, I’d probably buy something like this. Or at least send somebody else into the store to buy it for me. Something about a guy in his 50s buying comics just seems a little weird, somehow.

  2. I read the comic book version of “Murder on the Orient Express” recently. And I must confess I was disappointed with it.
    The art was average, the dialogue selections made it sound scrappy and jumpy… The biggest letdown was perhaps that when you read a Christie, as you try to figure out the mystery, there is a sense of a countdown towards the end, a frisson of excitement when you get towards the climax. Somehow, that wasn’t quite present in the comic book version.
    For now, I think I’ll stick to the original text-only versions. May be if a new generation grows up reading the comic books first, they may just prefer it. In that sense, I reckon it is a worthwhile effort, the comic book versions.

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