Blogging break

I shan’t be blogging for a while.

My best wishes to all.


16 thoughts on “Blogging break

  1. My apologies in advance to anyone who leaves a comment or sends an email. Responses will be delayed. I’ll reply to you when I can. Many thanks for your patience.

  2. Have a great trip to Italy, Maxine. Look forward to your posts when you are back!

  3. Aha. It’s because you’ve bought Harry Potter and the Cabbages of Fear and taken them away to a quiet corner where it won’t be interrupted.

  4. Hope all is well, and it’s just holiday business that’s occupying you.

  5. A break from blogging is a big no no. You should have thrown an adsense ad on here atleast to come back to some cash lol. Doesn’t typepad have a queue for posts? Could have written a bunch of posts and had them post once a week. Nobody would have known you left. Best wishes

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