Out of date with myself

Euro Crime and I are now meta-out of date. She’s late with last week’s update, and I’m even later because I haven’t bought you news of the week before.

No more messing about, here we go. I review the most wonderful book, The Coroner’s Lunch by Colin Cotterill: sheer perfection, which I urge you all to read. However, I have to admit that I gave it to Malcolm (aka the M(ad) P(rofessor)) to read on his latest trip to a Harvard Business School course for UK institutional leaders (very appropriate reading choice I thought) but he did not get into it and bought Robert Harris’s Imperium at the airport instead. (Breaking news, he says it is excellent: better than Robert Harris’s previous few, which he has enjoyed more than I’ve done — does this make them "boy’s books"?). But, never mind what these leaders of academic institutions think, please do read The Coroner’s Lunch for a beautiful exposition of humanity under the most extreme conditions of privation, and for a crackingly good mystery. (For another view on the same book, see here.)

Other Euro Crime reviews last week include Uriah (Norm) Robinson (Price) enthusing about The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbo (Scandinavian noir); Karen M enjoying Hakan Nessar’s The Return (more Scandinavian noir), Sunnie Gill basically positive about The Library Paradox by Catherine Shaw and Declan Burke not enjoying Time to Pay by Lyndon Strachey as much as the week’s other reviewers ranked their assignments. I would read Declan Burke writing about the gas bill, though: I now fully understand the term "the charm of the Irish".

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  1. I’m not QUITE as high as you are on “Coroner’s Lunch” (I’m not sure anyone could be), but it’s enjoyable and thought-provoking, and it contains a surprise here and there. In addition to everything else, it looks like a pretty good mystery so far. Let’s discuss here and at DBB when you get back.
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