The Three Little Blogs

Via Problogger, Bloggrrl writes:  The Three Little Blogs: A Cautionary Tale.

Which little blog are you? Or are you the big bad blog? Or, frankly my dear, do you not give a damn about making money from your blog (so long as you don’t end up working at WalMart or Starbucks)?

4 thoughts on “The Three Little Blogs

  1. I confess I didn’t get it at all. I got the part about the three little pigs. Then it lost me. Perhaps I should stick to gardening. By the way, just got back from a showing of Harry Potter and the Revenge of the Mutant Giant Tomatoes from Mars. I know they had to slim down the movie to make the book, but it didn’t have to come out looking like a rock video. If that was the idea, I think the artist was Ozzy, or possibly Kiss. I mean to say, look at how they rigged out dear Helena Bonham-Carter.

  2. It was like reading a story and it took me along nicely, right to the very end. But I didn’t understand what it was saying, except that working for Starbucks would be a really crap job.

  3. Henry, you are whetting my appetite! From having a child to young to understand book 1, I now have one for whom me attending the movie with her is just too uncool. And could I quite manage to suffer the embarrassment of seeing it sans child? Not sure.
    I think your summary is probably about right, John, even if the journey was a little incomprehensible in parts!

  4. Maxine – just got back from midnight bookstore party where 2 copies of HP and the Engines of Death were purchased. I came as Hagrid, i.e. I went as my scruffy self, but with pink umbrella. The 7-year-old would only let me do this (it was her umbrella) if I loaned her a tie (so she could be Hermione) and the 9-year-old put on orangey scarves and jumpers and made a feathery domino mask to be Fawkes the Phoenix.

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