Some crime questions

The crime section of the blogopshere is in interrogatory mode tonight.

Peter at Detectives Beyond Borders asks for examples of "crime-fiction scenes, tricks, devices or tactics that are clever but don’t quite work?"

Glenn Harper at International Noir Fiction asks whether anyone has read any good noir or policier novels recently. (That word "policier" sounds very sophisticated.)

The Rap Sheet features an interview of Reed Farrel Coleman by Megan Abbott, in which a key question is: "Why do you think it’s still the exception to have a married PI?"

4 thoughts on “Some crime questions

  1. Excellent links once again, Maxine. Reed Farrel Coleman is one of my real favourites, thanks.

  2. Maybe you are onto something there, Peter — I wonder if they will increase my traffic?;-)
    And thanks for the feedback, Norm — I will have to add Coleman to my list as I always like your recommendations (and yours, Peter).

  3. Norm’s comment spurred me to reread Reed Farrel Coleman article in the Spring 2007 issue my Mystery Readers Journal. It covers some of the same ground as the Rap Sheet interview, but it also includes some interesting new thoughts about detective stories and Coleman’s own work. Here’e the link:
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

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