Search terms that bring traffic

"About me" is the search term that brings Problogger most traffic.

"What’s the funniest search term that brings you most traffic?" he asks. Here are some of the answers:

“writing is easy hit your forehead”

Kayak fishing

“Britney’s exposed v****" (Asterisks to discourage p**n spam)

"youtute" (misspelled)

‘virtual assistant’

‘Win an iPhone’

"John Chow"

"1st – class c motor homes
2nd – fifth wheel campers
3rd – 5th wheel campers
4th – motorcycle tent trailer
5th – motorcycle tent trailers"

free blog templates”, “free blogger templates” and “free blog template”

"haunted lighthouses"

These and other examples, except possibly the last, indicate to me why I am quite happy to let the wisdom of the crowds stay with the crowds, to let them pass money to and from each other, and why I shall continue in my profitless but pleasant niche, to which none of the above search terms will bring you.

The Three Little Blogs

Via Problogger, Bloggrrl writes:  The Three Little Blogs: A Cautionary Tale.

Which little blog are you? Or are you the big bad blog? Or, frankly my dear, do you not give a damn about making money from your blog (so long as you don’t end up working at WalMart or Starbucks)?

Some crime questions

The crime section of the blogopshere is in interrogatory mode tonight.

Peter at Detectives Beyond Borders asks for examples of "crime-fiction scenes, tricks, devices or tactics that are clever but don’t quite work?"

Glenn Harper at International Noir Fiction asks whether anyone has read any good noir or policier novels recently. (That word "policier" sounds very sophisticated.)

The Rap Sheet features an interview of Reed Farrel Coleman by Megan Abbott, in which a key question is: "Why do you think it’s still the exception to have a married PI?"

The seven stages of blogging

It only took Dave of Dave’s Fiction Warehouse a couple of weeks to nail blogging in a clever post entitled The seven stages of blogging. Yes, we recreate our work environments round our blogs, unless we are careful enough to keep the blog as a sort of extra child, a cat, or weekly tennis-lesson equivalent.

I had a similar moment of epiphany after I had been blogging for a while, but it took me longer to get there and I didn’t put it as well as Dave. Similar message, though.

Regroup, regroup.