Desirable scientific addresses

Matt  Brown at Nature Network’s Editor’s blog has listed the top ten most desirable addresses for London scientists. These are all genuine addresses listed in London’s A to Z. Amazingly, I lived at the number 1 address on his list for eight years.

1. Agar Grove, NW1
2. Flask Walk, NW3
3. Bunsen Street, E3
4. Doctors Close, SE26
5. Ion Square, E2
6. Tweezers Alley, WC2
7. Scales Road, N17
8. Magnet Road, HA9
9. Electric Avenue, SW9
10. Conference Road, SE2

Do you have any scientific addresses in your own local area?

3 thoughts on “Desirable scientific addresses

  1. Dunno about the scientific addresses, but I did know one Christian Bunsen when I lived at International House in NYC. He was a German fellow and said he was, indeed, the descendant of the fellow who invented the Bunsen burner.
    What was Agar Grove like, Maxine? Was it stable? Did you gell there?

  2. Agar Grove was an impoverished flat in a previously grand Victorian house–it had been cheaply converted int four flats, so I suppose you could say that I did gel in that sense! But I was glad to move out, I kept having nightmares that the house would fall down one night, it was that rickety. I feel happier now that I can fix things when I fear that they might need it, instead of having to persuade three other households to agree to it.

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