Economist screensaver and blogs

No doubt on the "don’t be first, be best" philosophy, The Economist Screensaver is a treasure trove of fascinating data on 66 of the world’s major economies. Drawing on the 2007 edition of the bestselling “Pocket World in Figures”, it presents facts and figures on population, demographics, the economy, society, health and education around the world. The screensaver also features a ticker displaying the headlines of new articles published on, as well as some of the witty one-liners used in The Economist‘s renowned advertising campaigns. You can read technical details and download the screensaver via this link.

And even more revolutionary (?), The Economist now offers four (or, as it puts it, three) "lightly moderated" blogs for opinions, observations and to share your views with other readers and journalists from The Economist, and the Economist Intelligence Unit. You can choose some or all of: Free Exchange (a general debate on economic issues), Certain ideas of Europe (the project, the people, and the gap in between them), Democracy in America (a potluck discussion on society, politics and culture) and The inbox (letters to the Editor).

Late breaking news: they now have an audio edition as well.

2 thoughts on “Economist screensaver and blogs

  1. That’s a neat screen saver. I’m still debating whether to register to get it. I just hate having my info all over the Web — although I suppose it’s a little late to be concerned about that…

  2. And as well as that aspect, there is the distraction aspect. An educational distraction maybe, but still a distraction. I’m sticking to plain blue for a while I think!

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