Some reading recommendations

Karen Chisholm of Aust Crime reviews Peter Temple’s The Broken Shore, good timing in case you missed the news on just about every blog I read yesterday that the author has just won the Duncan Lawrie Dagger – and deservedly so, according to, I think, every single posting I read.

Elizabeth Baines attends the launch of Missing, by Cath Staincliffe.

John Self at Asylum reviews Clive James’s latest set of memoirs, the "companionable and self-deprecating" North Face of Soho. “I still don’t feel that I have Made It….. An onlooker might say that I have Done Something.  But I’m still not entirely sure about the ’something’, and not at all sure about the ‘I’.”  So writes Clive.

Clare Dudman interviews Chris Simms, author of Shifting Skin. Both Clare and Chris will be at the dreamiest holiday imaginable: discussing books in Languedoc next week. See Clare’s post for more details.

God’s Spy is the latest book under review at Material Witness. …. "take a bow, Juan Gomez-Jurado, journalist, debut novelist and confident storyteller. The narrative is fast and furious, and the sense of urgency in the investigation very real…"

South African noir: Devil’s Peak by Deon Meyer is reviewed over at International Noir Fiction. From Glenn’s review. [the] "novel drew me forward through the strength of the characters and the power of the plotting, and surprised me at several points in that most effective novelistic manner: making me see the "truth" about what had happened before ."