Computer security for free

Joe Wikert’s Publishing 2020 Blog: Liberated from Symantec!!

OK, this brave guy has cancelled his Norton antivirus in favour of an unbeatable deal — a free one.  Not sure if I can quite summon up the courage myself, but go over and read what he did if you fancy the idea of staying secure at no cost.

4 thoughts on “Computer security for free

  1. I’m a longtime user of AVG, and it’s a great piece of software. The commercial antivirus packages like Norton have acquired a reputation for hogging system resources and being nearly impossible to uninstall — much like the viruses they purport to protect against.
    All hail AVG!

  2. I’ve had the same security (Windows firewall + AGG) in place for quite a while now and am very very content with it. My old firewall slowed down my system immensely, very annoying.
    Fear not, go for it!

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