The bubbling blogosphere

Who said that bloggers are the self-regarding couch potatoes of the internet? Actually I don’t know if anyone did level that particular assessment among the many unflattering accolades that one reads about the activity. The part of the blogosphere in my orbit is a bubbling with ingenuity and energy, as the following examples from my regular reads may show.

Susan Hill is inundated with people wanting to sign up for her (very generously, free) creative writing course. I hope that one of the applicants is Cathy, who yesterday finished her GCSE exams so now has lots of free time (?). Pertinently, her last exam was the Drama written paper — one of the set plays being A Woman in Black.

Booksquare sent Ronin Kurosawa into Second Life to report on what book publishers are up to there. His excellent report is here. (I cannot immediately tell if Ronin is the same person who crops up in Bryan Appleyard’s comments section as "Internet Ronin", but I expect I’ll find out sooner or later.) One of the Nature Network blogs is called Science in the Metaverse, in which T. Troy McConaghy writes about how virtual worlds like Second Life are being used by and for the sciences. (Troy describes himself in his profile on Nature Network as helping "people and organizations use virtual worlds like Second Life. In particular, he develops science exhibits, helps manage community projects and produces science-related events.")

Jenny Davidson has become the blog with a bicycle. She’s making a cautious start but I imagine it won’t be too long before her cycling speed matches her reading speed (that of light).

Matt Brown visits Systema Metropolis, the new exhibition at London’s Natural History Museum, a loosely Linnaean look at London’s biodiversity through art and science. Matt describes how the artist Mark Dion created his largest ever exhibition of new work: four unusual field experiments in five well-crafted installations, each exploring the biodiversity of an iconic London location.

That’s enough energy for now. My next post will be more laid back, or even soporific.