A double dose of Euro Crime

For no good reason that I can think of, I did not post the weekly Euro Crime reviews last week, and another batch has now appeared. So you have a bonus post from me today.

The current set of reviews include mine of Seth Garner’s The Blood Partnership , my views of which are aptly summed up by Karen as "a good escapist read if you don’t think too hard about the details". Other reviews are Terry Halligan on Gerald Seymour’s The Walking Dead, Norman Price (Uriah Robinson of Crime Scraps) on Library of the Soul by Simon Buck, Fiona Walker on Asa Larsson’s The Blood Split (one most definitely on my reading list) and Declan Burke (Crime Always Pays) on Bishop’s Pawn by K. T. McCaffrey. Putting my own efforts to one side, the reviews in this week’s collection are readable, focused and sparkly: I think they are informative about the books as well as convey why the reviewers are enthusiasts for the genre (that isn’t to say that the reviews are universally positive). Norm, I am with you on your caveat.

Last week’s reviews on Euro Crime included mine on Relentless by Simon Kernick. "A quick escapist read with maybe a twist too many" is Karen’s summary of my review. Since then, the book has been chosen for the current Richard and Judy selection, which surprises me because although it is easy to read, pacy and enjoyable, it is somewhat casual, and nowhere near as good as many others I’ve read this year. Other reviews last week were Terry Halligan’s of The Death List by Paul Johnston, Sunnie Gill on Sovereign by C. J. Sansom and Karen Chisholm (Aust Crime Fiction) on Shame by Karen Alvtegen.

And don’t forget to check out the Euro Crime competitions.

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