Adopt a Book from the British Library

If I have a usual routine, it is that I spend between one and two hours an evening, somewhere between 8.30 and 10.30 pm, blogging (by which I mean reading and answering personal emails, reading items in my RSS reader and writing blog posts). This evening, however, I am distracted by a huge bruise on my foot. I was leaving my office this morning to walk across the room outside when my foot twisted under me. I’ve been in pain all day and am now finding it too distracting to write anything coherent or to process much that I’m reading.

I’ll therefore bow out for the evening with this link: Adopt a Book from the British Library "a novel gift idea. The beneficiary of your gift can enjoy benefits such as a personalised bookplate added to your chosen book and the chance to view it on a behind the scenes tour. Adopt a Book supports our conservation team, helping us preserve the world’s knowledge for future generations. There are hundreds of books available for adoption; you can browse these or search for something specific".

I’m off to conserve my foot, but conserving the world’s knowledge sounds a much more worthy occupation.

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