Neil Pearson at the Hay festival

Link: It’s a Crime! (or a mystery…): Serious book collecting at Hay, in a fun way, with Neil Pearson & Rick Gekoski.

CrimeFicReader (of It’s a Crime!)  has been writing some wonderful posts about the Hay festival, full of her usual wit, insight and knowledge. She’s excelled herself at the link above, though — I have to admit that I am strongly predisposed to the subject matter, Neil Pearson, but even if you are misguided enough not to be an admirer of this courteous, funny and extremely handsome gentleman, it’s a fascinating post about Pearson in his guise as Not Martin Amis, a book collector and the author of a book about Jack Kahane and his Obelisk press (the book includes a bibliography of the books, or "smut", that was published ).

CrimeFicReader’s two earlier posts about the Hay festival can be read here (part 1) and here (part 2). As she’s mentioned in an earlier post, she’s had some difficult times recently, which makes these wonderful accounts all the more admirable. Thanks, CrimeFicReader!

1 thought on “Neil Pearson at the Hay festival

  1. Thanks for the post, Maxine. I’d urge anyone, if Pearson is speaking anywhere in the near future, to attend. His enthusiasm and passion are infectious. His own humour when it comes to this topic is on a par with “Drop the Dead Donkey” scripts. Not to be missed!
    And thanks above all for your sympathetic thoughts. The last day at Hay was a day of relaxation and escape for me. It was a good day – not everything booked lived up to my expectations, but that’s par for the course. The Pearson event way exceeded my expectations, however. Again I say, if there’s another chance – not to be missed!

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