Mostly about Peter James

Do you, like me, get confused between Peter Temple, Peter James and Bill James? I have got Peter James fixed in my mind, at least, because I’ve read his past three books.

My review of his latest, Not Dead Enough, was posted to Euro Crime last weekend. Karen’s summary of my review is that the plot is not too taxing but I’m still addicted to the series. Spot on. See here for Euro Crime’s other new reviews of last week: Pat Austin on The Reckoning by Sue Walker (I’m not reading her again after her disappointing first, but Pat is positive about this one); Karen on the audio version of Blood on the Wood by Gillian Linscott; and Mike Ripley’s latest crime file round up. And there are lots of new competitions, so head on over.

There is an interview with Peter James on Material Witness blog — PJ, like me, is a fan of Desmond Bagley’s Running Blind and of Red Leaves by Thomas Cook, but I have to say that Scarlett Johannsen is not the first person who leaps into my mind to play PJ in a movie about his life, even with the recommended props.

If you are quick, you can listen to Mark Lawson interviewing Peter James on BBC radio 4 — until Monday, says Karen. If you don’t get the chance to listen, or even if you do, there is a review of the interview at Material Witness, again.

Now I must go and read some of the Bill Jameses and Peter Temples in my bookshelves to get them clear in my mind, too.