Blogger & Podcaster Guide

Link: Joe Wikert’s Publishing 2020 Blog: Blogger & Podcaster Guide.

Interesting post here about a new magazine called Blogger and Podcaster Guide, a weekly "TV guide" for bloggers and podcasters (natch) in partnership with USA Today. Joe Wikert interviews the publisher, Larry Genkin:

JW: What’s the goal of the new Blogger & Podcaster Guide?

LG: There are three goals I have for the Blogger & Podcaster Guide: 1) To move the audience for blogs and podcast beyond early adopters; 2) To make it easier for people to find blog/podcast content on the topics of interest to them. (Today this isn’t a very easy task. Just go to a search engine and try to quickly find a relevant blog/podcast from the mish-mash of results that are served up); 3) Help bloggers and podcasters generate larger audiences so they can better monetize their efforts and more effectively accomplish their objectives.

More of the interview is at Joe’s blog (link above).