Crime round-up from the lost post

Here is my attempt to reconstruct the post that was lost in a Typepad server error last night.

Various crime-fiction blogs have bought the news of the Crime Writers’ Association "Dagger" awards shortlists. Karen’s two Euro Crime entries are useful because they contain short summaries of all the books. Here is her "International dagger" (code for "not originally written in the English language") list; and here (thanks to losing the post, I can now bring you this additional link) is the "main prize" shortlist. I have read only one book on the former list (though several of the authors) and none on the second, so won’t offer an opinion on who I think should take the prize. If you’d like to see all the other categories of shortlist as well, here is the lot (I assume) on Shotsmag, complete with useful summaries.

Peter of Detectives Beyond Borders asks, in the context of reading the excellent Karin Fossum, whether anyone can "think of crime fiction that features police or other investigators, but whose investigators are explored and portrayed less thoroughly than those they investigate?" If you have any answers, join Karen of Euro Crime and myself in the comments to Peter’s post.

David Montgomery of Crime Fiction Dossier provides a useful list of good sources for short crime fiction. I don’t read short fiction these days, but have read many a short crime-fiction story in the past, starting with Conan Doyle of course. If you like the format, I am sure David’s recommendations are worth checking out.

Elaine of Random Jottings throws her hat into the ring of reviewing Chris Ewan’s The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam. I’m definitely going to read this book based on this review and what I’ve already read about it, but from the size of my unread collection I am happy to wait for the paperback. In the meantime, according to Jessica Ruston of the Book Bar, you can visit the author’s MySpace page and make friends.

In celebration of The Rap Sheet’s first birthday, the blog has been collecting together recommendations of many people’s favourite overlooked, underappreciated or forgotten crime fiction author. There have been at least nine posts of all the nominations, and I’m glad to say they have all been gathered together into one post here. This is obviously a very useful link for any future time when I may be short of something to read.

I think that was all that I included in the lost post, so will end here.