A long day in the life of a blogger

Last night I was enjoying a novel experiment by Clare Dudman, Keeper of the Snails, who decided to record her thoughts every two hours during the day. Here is her first post, at 6.30 am, and here is her last, at half past midnight.  Reading this little window into Clare’s life is a strangely intimate experience, pushing the envelope of the boundary between flesh-and-blood and internet-based reality in social interaction.

Owing to the time-delay on my RSS reader, I thought when I crashed out at 10 pm-ish that Clare had finished at 6.30, but I saw at 8 am today that she’d kept going for 18 hours (and I assume she got up at least half an hour before her first post and went to bed half an hour at least after, so that makes 19 waking hours). I shall stop moaning about my 6 am starts forthwith, as my evenings end (or, rather, the functional part of me shuts down) at more like 10 pm.

Thank you, Clare, I enjoyed reading your diary for the day.

3 thoughts on “A long day in the life of a blogger

  1. Thanks Maxine! I have to admit I don’t often get up that early – it was just that the sun was shining and I felt oddly energetic (although I know I don’t look it!). I was interested to see how my face changed during the day – how gravity seemed to pull at it – although it seemed to have strongest effect in the morning which is pretty strange now I think about it.

  2. If you are like me, it is weary at the start, perking up for some window somwhere in the middle, and weary at the end.

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