Normal service will be resumed later

Typepad has, unusually, let me down and lost an entire post by telling me there was a server error when I pressed “save”. It is too late to reconstruct the post, and I don’t know if I have the energy anyway, but for now, I’m giving up. Good night.

Close Reading and Material Witness

Two new  blogs on Petrona’s blogroll and in my RSS reader subscription (I apologise for the lack of organisation of said blogroll — I still haven’t found the time to categorise the blogs since the move from Bloglines to Google Reader. One day..).

One blog is Material Witness, "diary of a crime-fiction addict".

The other is Close Reading, "literary criticism by and for the common reader".

I’m enjoying them both very much — well worth a look. Strangely, they are both Typepad blogs and both have the same design, which I’ve only just noticed while making the links in this post. (This is what comes of reading blogs through an RSS reader– they all look the same.) The content of these two is very different and, in both cases, stimulating to read.