Vox haikus and questions

Possibly not entirely uncoincidentally, I received a Vox email at roughly the same time as the Moveable Type message mentioned in my previous post.

Some keen person has written a 200-page Vox handbook in Japanese.  A few of these were given away to people who wrote blogging haikus. Here are the three winners:

Pictures, books, and film
to remember it always
Vox brings great pleasure

Question of the Day
lights up LCD displays
around the Vox world

I blog to unwind
twisted, tangled thoughts within.
You read it and smile.

You can read about the Japanese handbook, and read all the haiku entries, here. If you are a haiku fan, here is the Vox haiku group.

Because Vox came on the scene before Revish or Bookshare (on Facebook), I archive all my book reviews there, which otherwise are scattered on Petrona, Euro Crime and, occasionally, at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Now that I am so torn between Revish and Bookshare, I wonder what to do about Vox. There are advantages and disadvantages to all three book sites. What I need is some time to do some website sorting. And how could that happen?