The Baby Juggler

The Baby Juggler: Three kids, two jobs, one life: Blogged off.

I had to laugh at this post on "The Baby Juggler" blog. The blog tells of the exhausting life of a woman who works (in the same building as me, as it happens, by pure coincidence), has three very young children — and, recently, a blog. This post is about putting the children to bed after a long day:

To be honest, the thought of lying down in her cosy little bed really appealed. We snuggled up together like spoons, and she burbled about her day for a while, slowly winding down like a little clockwork doll, until her voice trailed off and I could tell from her breathing that she had fallen asleep. I lay there for a while, thinking about my day…. and the next thing I knew, I was waking up and it was after 11pm. The evening had passed and I’d spent it asleep in my daughter’s bed. I wandered downstairs feeling faintly cross that I’d wasted the evening and wondering whether there will ever be a time when life isn’t quite this insanely tiring. Of course, when I asked Paul whether he hadn’t wondered where I was all evening, he simply replied, "Oh, I assumed you were writing your blog!"

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