Moveable Type 4

Exciting news from Moveable Type/Typepad. "We’re pleased to announce the beta release of Movable Type 4—and to provide you with the first look. MT4 has over 50 new features that have been inspired by your comments and suggestions, and will enable you to build, drive, and manage entire blogging websites and communities. With MT4, you’ll be able to turn your site’s readers into members and your audience into communities."

Well, in my case that won’t be likely, time is too short to be more than a mere user,  but as they say: "This is the biggest set of improvements in Movable Type’s history, and shows off a dramatically new look and feel."

I know there will be lots on the tech blogs about this, but I haven’t time to look at those tonight. I’m sure Caxton would approve, if he had a blog. (He probably does, as Chaucer and Lady Bracknell have them, but if so I haven’t discovered it yet.)

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  1. I’m not sure I even know how to use MT3 properly, and now I will soon be doing battle with 50 new features? I can’t keep up.

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