Vox haikus and questions

Possibly not entirely uncoincidentally, I received a Vox email at roughly the same time as the Moveable Type message mentioned in my previous post.

Some keen person has written a 200-page Vox handbook in Japanese.  A few of these were given away to people who wrote blogging haikus. Here are the three winners:

Pictures, books, and film
to remember it always
Vox brings great pleasure

Question of the Day
lights up LCD displays
around the Vox world

I blog to unwind
twisted, tangled thoughts within.
You read it and smile.

You can read about the Japanese handbook, and read all the haiku entries, here. If you are a haiku fan, here is the Vox haiku group.

Because Vox came on the scene before Revish or Bookshare (on Facebook), I archive all my book reviews there, which otherwise are scattered on Petrona, Euro Crime and, occasionally, at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Now that I am so torn between Revish and Bookshare, I wonder what to do about Vox. There are advantages and disadvantages to all three book sites. What I need is some time to do some website sorting. And how could that happen?

Moveable Type 4

Exciting news from Moveable Type/Typepad. "We’re pleased to announce the beta release of Movable Type 4—and to provide you with the first look. MT4 has over 50 new features that have been inspired by your comments and suggestions, and will enable you to build, drive, and manage entire blogging websites and communities. With MT4, you’ll be able to turn your site’s readers into members and your audience into communities."

Well, in my case that won’t be likely, time is too short to be more than a mere user,  but as they say: "This is the biggest set of improvements in Movable Type’s history, and shows off a dramatically new look and feel."

I know there will be lots on the tech blogs about this, but I haven’t time to look at those tonight. I’m sure Caxton would approve, if he had a blog. (He probably does, as Chaucer and Lady Bracknell have them, but if so I haven’t discovered it yet.)

The Baby Juggler

The Baby Juggler: Three kids, two jobs, one life: Blogged off.

I had to laugh at this post on "The Baby Juggler" blog. The blog tells of the exhausting life of a woman who works (in the same building as me, as it happens, by pure coincidence), has three very young children — and, recently, a blog. This post is about putting the children to bed after a long day:

To be honest, the thought of lying down in her cosy little bed really appealed. We snuggled up together like spoons, and she burbled about her day for a while, slowly winding down like a little clockwork doll, until her voice trailed off and I could tell from her breathing that she had fallen asleep. I lay there for a while, thinking about my day…. and the next thing I knew, I was waking up and it was after 11pm. The evening had passed and I’d spent it asleep in my daughter’s bed. I wandered downstairs feeling faintly cross that I’d wasted the evening and wondering whether there will ever be a time when life isn’t quite this insanely tiring. Of course, when I asked Paul whether he hadn’t wondered where I was all evening, he simply replied, "Oh, I assumed you were writing your blog!"

No further comment 😉